Struttura societaria

Foto di Giovanni Paladini Governing director 1957: Degree in Electrical Engineering at Università La Sapienza in Rome.
1958: Instructor Officer in the Army Radar School in Rome.
1959: Co-founder of the ELMER S.p.A. Company in Pomezia.
1959-1994: In chronological order Technical Director, Plant Manager, Chairman of the Board and President of ELMER S.p.A. Designer of radio communication equipment and systems used for military applications in land-based, airborne and shipboard applications. Experience in different fields of management and administration.
1994 to date: Partner and Governing Director of I&C International Consulting S.r.l.

Foto di Paolo Paladini Technical manager 1995: Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Università La Sapienza in Rome. Software development and testing of military electronic equipment at ISC Technologies in Lancaster (PA). Study and research in telemetering at the Divisione Aerea Studi Ricerche e Sperimentazioni (Italian Air Forces) - AEROPORTO DI PRATICA DI MARE (RM) February 1996.
1995-1997: System Engineer in the Development and Design area of Alenia Sistemi Difesa with activities in the design of the RAT31-DL Three-Dimensional radar.
1997-2000: Responsible for Defense programs at STS Studi Tecnologie e Sistemi S.r.l. in the role of leader of the Project AFSOUTH 2000 (CIS Portion).
2001 to date: Partner and Technical Manager of I&C International, Consulting S.r.l.

Technical STAFF The I&C technical staff includes professionals with skills in communication engineering, computer sciences, business management and civil engineering related to the implementation of communication and information systems. The professional background of I&C takes avail of support from top experts in the Academic world.

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